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Movie ID: 53
Description: A stunning blonde uses her back yard as a toilet. She strips down nude, showing off her hot body. She takes a power piss, then squats down to take a shit on the grass. 720P HD. About 6 minutes.
Cost: 20
User CommentRating
n8dagr8 Pretty Good
XlpBxfuEEY I do not like movies in nature, but I liked her first two videos on this site. And so the third deserves a purchase, for the sake of the collection. However, I do not like films where the camera operator takes pictures and would not buy if I knew. I do noSo So
apeman969 The ending was a bit abruptly and the video would be better with a tripod. However, still a good clip with a beautiful girl.Pretty Good
patochatte Not the best one of her but overall goodPretty Good
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